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photo of flower to be used as: Pot and bedding Pentas lanceolata Northern Lights Lavender F1

Top Variety 2007
Pentas lanceolata
"Northern Lights Lavender F1"
Flowering period: May - October

Height < 25 cm
Spread: 25 - 50 cm
Habit: Upright
Flower type: Clustered
Leaf Color Light Green
Placement: Sun
Water Average
Fertilizer need: Average
Plant type: Multiannual

Class Top Variety 2007

Pentas lanceolataF1, Star-Cluster 'Northern Lights Lavender' 'Northern Lights Lavender' is a true breeding breakthrough in Pentas. More tolerant to cooler growing temperatures, more tolerant to low pH levels and equally free flowering in hot or cool landscape settings makes 'Northern Lights Lavender' a standout in traditional southern locales and brings a new dimension to northern settings. But the beauty of this new Pentas isn't just in its ease to grow and diversity of use, its most appealing features are found in the beauty of the unique flowers. The soothing soft lavender color of 'Northern Lights Lavender' Pentas provides a peaceful ambience to the garden. The lacy flower umbels unfold in a graceful manner that leaves a vision of stars in the northern sky. Flowers continue to open over an extended period. New flower heads appear long before the last flowers of older heads are finished on 'Northern Lights Lavender', providing continuous color in the garden. Perfect for container gardening or large landscape beds, 'Northern Lights Lavender' Pentas performs under the widest of conditions. The soft lavender color of 'Northern Lights Lavender' can be combined with Lavandula 'Vicenza Blue' and Gazania 'Talent White' or 'Talent Rose' for a subtle effect.